Session Plan

It feels good to stress less

Individual Sessions: By creating a personal model of resilience, building a positive attitude and regaining hope for the future, the achievements are endless! My strengths-based therapeutic approach can help you improve your relationships and build personal resilience.

Group Sessions: At the simplest level, we form bonds by sharing with others. We become further connected through common successes or failures, and through shared discovery. Come join a group of individuals striving for the same purpose – and learn from one another while, at the same time, strengthening your own purpose!

First Session
1. Initial Assessment
2. Discuss what brings you to me
3. Create an initial goal-setting plan together
After completing the initial online assessment, your therapist will ask you to "please take your time and describe what brings you to the Resilience Therapy Center?" From there,  a goal-setting plan is created by both you and the therapist. Another way to think about this is: how will you know when our process is complete or what would you like to have happen as a result of this process? Understand that the goal-setting plan is flexible and may change as the sessions progress.
Follow Up Sessions
1. Goal status checks in every session
2. Identify strengths/barriers to change
3. Work through goal-setting plan until goals met
As we progress through the sessions, the goals and final outcomes will be discussed each time we meet. The focus of the sessions is to help guide you towards achieving your goals and building upon your own resilience. Once both the therapist and the client are satisfied with the outcomes, the sessions will then move toward a successful end, and with you stronger and more resilient!
Group Sessions
Stay with the same group for 6-8 weeks and learn for a lifetime!
Share with your fellow group members to learn from and support one another. At times, homework and handouts will be given to help increase your knowledge and understanding, on a personal level  as well as within the group. Focus will be on building your resilience on a personal and social level. You can attend as many group sessions as you like - a new group forms every few weeks!