What are my three favorite unique tips to relieve stress?

Many of my clients suffer from high levels of stress. These can often be debilitating and cause you to feel inadequate in your daily life. Stress tends to take over, not only in the area where the stress occurs, but ALL OTHER parts of your life, including health, home, family, work, and relationships.

My three favorite tips to relieve stress are:

#1: Support organizations that are helping to create something that you value. This is all about expending energy in a positive way. Find healthy, safe ways to physically and spiritually express your feelings.

#2: Reach out for help if you need it. Surround yourself with support. Talk to your friends, family members, anyone you think will lend an understanding, sympathetic ear about how you feel.

#3: Reach out to others you think might be struggling. They may appreciate it more than you know. If you need to, talk with a professional therapist like me who understands the impacts of stress on your emotional health.

You'd be surprised how just trying out these tips can have a profound affect on your stress levels. So get out there, get involved and get connected with your supports!

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